Hemp products

Commercially grown hemp has been cultivated for production for centuries and it was one of the earliest cultivated plants in the world used in the making of clothes, shoes, ropes, cosmetics and the earliest types of paper.  It has been shown to be extremely environmentally friendly being a fast growing plant and needs fewer pesticides and herbicides to grow. Meaning that it is more effective and durable than more traditional forms of materials such as cotton and has none of the noxious properties that can be found in modern products such as plastic and crude oil based fabrics.  When buying hemp products you are not only helping the environment at a time when it needs all the help it can get but you are purchasing a resilient product that will make you feel good about yourself whilst making you looking stylish.


Sativa and Pure

The Sativa and Pure brands are synonymous with eco friendly, stylish, durable, highly finished hemp bags, hats and pouches. Made of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton Sativa and Pure products come in a variety of shapes and sizes in rich earthy tones and whatever your journey through life, these accessories are sure to see you through any adventure that might come your way.