ActiTube Charcoaled Filter for Roll Up 7mm

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Brand: actiTube

ActiTube Slim charcoal filters (not for the pipes)

size/filters: ca. 7mm x 27mm

The pleasantly smooth smoking experience for small joints. When smoke passes through an activated charcoal filter, a large portion of the harmful tars in the smoke sticks to the charcoal. This makes the smoke pleasantly smooth without affecting the quality of the buzz.

actiTube activated charcoal filters:

- improve the taste of the smoke
- reduce the amount of tar that reaches your lungs
- make harsh blends taste smoother
- make it easier to smoke pure

Winter advice: at temperatures below around +5°C (40°F), the smoke condenses on the cold active charoal (instead of being filtered by it) and can clog up the filter. That's why our recommendation for the cold season is either to smoke inside or try to keep the filter warm (at body or room temperature) until lighting up.

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