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Pear Wood

All actiTube pipes are made of precious wood, which is neither varnished nor stained, and is treated only with vegetable oil. They are all made by hand in Germany, and are a pleasure to hold and behold. Thanks to the actiTube activated charcoal filter inside, all the Tune In pipes taste milder than conventional one-hitter pipes, since the smoke becomes cooler and feels less rough on the throat and lungs. That makes one-hit smoking easier, which helps some people to quit smoking tobacco. Briar wood is also set apart by its excellent durability. It has a fine grain and a very neutral taste. This type of wood has been used to make high-quality tobacco pipes since the beginning of the 19th century. Our Tune In briar wood pipe has a hygienic, elegant acrylic mouthpiece and its timeless shape is reminiscent of the Bauhaus design style.

Bruyere Pipe

The wood used for this pipe is made from high-class,

heat-resistance briar root (french: bruyère)

The wood comes from a little bush, the "Erica arborea".
Its speciality is a durable hardness which prevents the smoker
from inhaling any taste of flavour from the wood.
Since the beginning of the 19th century, this wood is used - because of its special property -
in the piping-manufactury.

No tropical wood. No treatment with any chemicals or finish.
The pipe is easy to clean. A manual is included.
As it is made from natural wood, slight deviations concerning colour and grain may appear.

-Pipe impurity reduced clearly.
-Improved Taste.
-Less lung-exposure.
-The pipe remains fresher.
-For enjoyment of smoother tobacco-mixtures.

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