Double Decca 46 portable radio

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DOUBLE DECCA 46 Valve Radio. This is a three waveband (L,M and S) mains/battery set first introduced in this style in 1946 currently fitted with octal based valves DK32 1N5G 1H5G DL33 and metal rectifier. The set was designed to use Osram valves X14 Z14 HD14 N15 but because of a shortage of valves after WW2 modifications were made to use 3Q5G (or DL33) on the output. The radio shown and described here is a later model (possibly 1948) . It is housed in a plywood case covered in an embossed "leatherette" type fabric, the front panel is of pressed aluminum sheet sprayed cream. The set was designed to operate on AC or DC mains 100-120V, 200-220V,230-250V or a 90 Volt (Ever Ready B107) battery and a 7.5 Volt (Ever Ready "All Dry" 31) battery.

As far as I have been able to find out these are the variations:

Double Decca 46 had three circuit variations [ser nos. 5000-6000, ser nos. 7000-8000 and ser no 8000 onwards] The latter dating from 1948. Some sets had Osram valves others had Mullard or American valves]

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