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RAW Shredder Card

This groovy RAW Three-Way Shredder Card was made in partnership with V Syndicate, the inventors of the grinder card! Grinder cards are the best way to grind your tobacco or legal herb on the go because it fits easily in your pocket or wallet and can go everywhere with you! This credit card sized card comes in a protective sleeve and has three different shredding sizes fine, medium and course. so grab up this perfect addition to your smoking set up today!

RAW Canvas Sign

The RAW Canvas Sign is super natuRAWl! Printed on canvas that can be rolled out and mounted on any wall. It’s RAWsome.

Canvas Sign size: 24″ x 18"

RAW Bamboo Floor Mat

This more compact version of our RAW Bamboo Floor Mat is more suited to smaller doors. When people come to your door, let them know that you know… if you know what I mean.

RAW Bamboo Floor Mat Small size: 30″ x 18″

RAW Smokers Wallet

The RAW Smoker’s Wallet is a perfect blend of style and functionality! The RAWlet features a foil lined pocket to keep your smoking material fresh, a Velcro pocket to keep your smoking supplies secure and a folding top flap with an elastic band to ensure that it doesn’t open accidentally in your pocket or bag.

RAW Smoker’s Wallet: 6″ x 3 ½” (when closed)

RAW Natural Pipe

RAW Natural Pipe is made from hand carved Bubinga wood. This wood is world famous amongst musicians for its use on many exclusive instruments. Bubinga is used as the shell of high end drum kits including my personal favorite used by Charlie Watts. It’s also used on harps, luthiers and bass guitars because of its hardness, unique patterns and well-rounded sound. This is a truly RAWesome wood! The RAW Natural Pipe also comes with a fully removable plastic mouthpiece, a canvas carrying pouch and a pre-loaded Corleone smoking filter.

Approximately 5.5″

ACTITUBE Pipes - Briar Wood

All actiTube pipes are made of precious wood, which is neither varnished nor stained, and is treated only with vegetable oil. They are all made by hand in Germany, and are a pleasure to hold and behold. Thanks to the actiTube activated charcoal filter inside, all the Tune In pipes taste milder than conventional one-hitter pipes, since the smoke becomes cooler and feels less rough on the throat and lungs. That makes one-hit smoking easier, which helps some people to quit smoking tobacco. Briar wood is also set apart by its excellent durability. It has a fine grain and a very neutral taste. This type of wood has been used to make high-quality tobacco pipes since the beginning of the 19th century. Our Tune In briar wood pipe has a hygienic, elegant acrylic mouthpiece and its timeless shape is reminiscent of the Bauhaus design style.

RAW Crystal Ashtray

The RAW lead-free crystal glass ashtray is so thick it could probably stop a bullet! We made this beautiful piece to bring you back to the art form that was the fine smokewear of the 1950’s. The RAW Crystal Ashtray is classic leaded style, but we use modern lead-free crystal glass because nobody wants to touch lead. We also designed our crystal ashtray to be 3.5 lbs because the antique VS version that inspired us weighs 3.3 lbs, and we will never be outdone!

May only the finest unrefined natural ash rest in this beautiful piece of art! NO SCHWAG PLEASE!

RAW Wooden Wall Clock

Never let time slip away from you again! The RAW Wooden Wall Clock makes a great addition to any RAWthentic home. Using cones for the hour and minute hands the RAW Clock is there to remind you that “It’s Always Time To Roll!”

Wall Mountable. Runs on (1) AA Battery.

RAW Perspector

Each RAW Perspector is rechargable via the included USB cable and can attach magnetically to your metal tray or to the metal plate that’s included. Don’t forget to grab a RAWesome new tray to go with your new RAW Perspector!

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